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    "Lichma" is coming violently, the torch man actively responds
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    "Lichma" is coming violently, the torch man actively responds

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        Affected by the typhoon No. 9 this year, “Lichma”, heavy rains have been continuously seen throughout Shandong in the past few days. The average precipitation in Zibo is among the highest in the province. Faced with the oncoming super typhoon, the company actively prevented and responded. Ensure the safety of company production and community residents. On August 9th, before the typhoon landed, the company made key arrangements for safety prevention in various fields. All units and departments comprehensively inspected and actively prevented them, and at the same time prepared flood-fighting material reserves...  
     On the 10th, it was the weekend, and the Zibo area fell into heavy rain. The company promptly forwarded the warning information issued by the provincial and municipal meteorological departments. The relevant departments and units acted quickly and reminded employees and community residents to travel cautiously through various channels...
      From 11 to 12, it fell to heavy rain. The living area of ??the torch was heavily flooded. Rainwater flooded into the first-floor residents of multiple residential buildings and some bungalow residential houses. The river flooded the embankment, some walls collapsed, and trees were blown down... The leaders led the security department, the community management center, and the power engineering department to the scene as soon as possible, and braved the heavy rain to set up guards, load and unload sandbags, move supporting wood, rescue dangerous walls, drain floods, etc. In the face of the safety of community residents’ lives and properties, They paid close attention to the rain, flood, and disaster conditions and prepared various emergency plans, fighting continuously on the front line of flood fighting day and night.
      The rain conditions in the factory area affected by the heavy rainfall are also not optimistic. All units have also made preparations for emergency rescue and disaster relief, and have actively taken measures to avoid damage to the company’s plant, equipment, and materials. On the 12th, there was a lot of water in the No. 4 warehouse of the storage department of the sales headquarters. The party branch organized the backbone of the party and government to clean up the water and silt. After nearly 2 hours of hard work, all the water was drained and the warehouse was restored to order. 
       On the morning of the 13th, the rain gradually stopped. Company leaders and personnel from related units urgently visited a number of residents to understand the disaster situation and help solve difficulties and problems. 
      In response to "Lichma", the torch people are in the same boat through storm and storm, fighting the rapids together. The company’s party members, cadres and employees do not forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, and fully carry forward the revolutionary spirit of "particularly able to endure hardships, particularly capable of fighting, and particularly capable of dedication", have withstood the test of extreme weather, and further consolidate the powerful forces that promote the company's development